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Previous Lineups

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2022 LINE UP

Silver Creek Revival
The Timebombs
Ken Barnard
JazzNorth7 + 1
Weston Buchan & The Whiskey Samplers    
Lisa Selene Donahue
Zero to Anything
Happy Time Banjos
Jazz Cabbage
Mountain Gloom and Mountain Glory
Audrey Mason
Nick and Rokko & Friends
Chris Stefanciw
John Kumjian
sLow taKo
Jesse Jefferson
Chelsea Marsh
Ben Davila and the Powers That Be
Unkle Blue
Hot Dad Beat Machine
Community Sing Out
Grove of Trees
Traverse City West Drumline
Allie Kessel
Trevor and DJ and Friends
Poco a Poco
Elsing Trio
Wild Sullys
The Lucky Ones
A.S. Lutes
Jenny Thomas



The Timebombs Heaven Firestone

The Wild Sullys Jonathan Timm

Nick & Rokko Song of the Lakes

Craig Jolly Happy Time Banjos 

Protea Jack M. Senff's Rolling Hill Trio

HAMMER'd Zero to Anything

Knee Deep poco a poco

Weston Buchan Jenny Thomas & Friends

The Deadbeets Jim Hawley and the "Spice on Rice Band"

Los Altos JazzNorth7 + 1

Garrison Wilson Low Hanging Fruit

Interlochen Arts Academy Faculty String Trio Ken Barnard

Sisters & Cousins Christopher Stefanciw

Menkaadi Set Ben Davila and the Powers That Be

Old Mission Fiddle Vine Parts Per Million

Intergalactic Curfew TC West Sr. High Drumline

John Kumjiam Pug Loop

Student Showcase sLow taKo

The Lofteez


The Timebombs Nick & Rokko

Mike Crittenden  Poco a Poco

THE TRUETONES Analogue Sect 

G Suite Knee Deep

Nicholas James Thomasma Chase Griffin

jenny thomas SALT

Ken Barnard Phil & Dad

Christopher Stefanciw Protea

The Whiskey Samplers I.Am.James.

 Les Dalgliesh Brenden Monroe

Jim Hawley and "The Spice on Rice Band" 

Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective

Jack M. Senff Parts Per Million

Menkaadi Set Lowe-Leier Collision

Happy Time Banjos Low Hanging Fruit

Brian Jackson Loren Ulrich

Jeweled Jigglers of Crystal Bindi The Wild Sullys

Song of the Lakes Deep Blue Water Samba School

TC West High School Drumline Lenora & Steve


Jack Pink Jabo
Lexi Adams The Timebombs
Nick & Rokko Mike Sullivan and the Natural System
Parts Per Million Ken Barnard
Mike Crittenden The Lofteez
Lowe Family Band BLT
Christopher Stefanciw The Whiskey Samplers
Traverse City Creative Movement Jenny Thomas
Nicholas James Thomasma SALT
Michael Burrows Dan Kelchak
Les Dalgliesh DOUGHBOYS
Analogue Sect The G Suite



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