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The Central Neighborhood Association is hosting a free afternoon event showcasing local musicians and talent performances played out on front porches throughout the neighborhood.

Join in the camaraderie

as the community strolls from house to house!


1-5pm Sunday September 11, 2022

Schedules will be available at:
Crooked Tree Arts Center @ 322 6th St


Porches throughout the central neighborhood

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The Timebombs
Ken Barnard
JazzNorth7 + 1
Weston Buchan & The Whiskey Samplers
Garrison Wilson
Old Mission Fiddle Vine
Happy Time Banjos



I don't get it...a Porch festival??

While we love porches and they certainly play a role in this event, we are not merely celebrating porches. Homeowners throughout the neighborhood have generously offered their porches as temporary stages for our local performers. Think of the neighborhood as the festival grounds and the various participating porches as different stages, each with a different lineup. This is a music festival in a community setting.

How do I find the right porch?

We will have a schedule posted on this website, as well as an interactive map to help you navigate the neighborhood during the event!

Why is it free? What's the catch?

No catch! The homeowners donate their porches, the organizers donate their time and energy, and the musicians donate their talents, all so we can have a lovely, music-filled afternoon of entertainment and camaraderie in the neighborhood!

Will the streets be closed off?

Nope, traffic will flow through the neighborhood as usual. We ask, however, that you take public transit or walk or bike to the neighborhood if possible to prevent a surplus of parked vehicles. If you do need to arrive in a car, please try to carpool and aim to park in a nearby city parking deck.

How will I get around?

By confining the event to a single neighborhood, it is extremely walkable! Bring your wagons to tote around the little ones, and mosey from one stage to the next throughout the afternoon. Bikes are a great way to zip from one stage to the next as well!

Will there be concessions?

Pack some snacks and picnic on the lawns!  At this point there are no plans for food trucks or concessions.  We will definitely update you if this changes!

So I did a good job staying hydrated, but now...

Say no more! There will be restrooms available at The FOLLOWING LOCATIONS:

Redeemer Presbyterian Church @ 9th and Wadsworth
Crooked Tree Arts Center @ 322 Sixth Street
Friends Meeting House @ 206 S. Oak



We think you've got it figured out this year ..... getting around the CNA is so easy: 

5th street to 13th street - North to South
House numbers 200's to 600's - East to West


Want to offer your porch?
Registration is OPEN for 2022 
Want to perform?
Registration is OPEN for 2022 
Want to attend?

Just Show Up!



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